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Arabic Drama Movies - The Best Arabic Movies And Video Clips


The Hunger

Real Dreams

Laughter, Games, Seriousness and Love (Dehk, We Leab We Gad We Hob)

Keif Alhal

Imra'a Tahat Almoraqaba

Chitchat On The Nile

Chased By The Dogs (El Less Wal Kilab)

A Struggle On The Nile

One Of The People (Wahed Men Al Nas)

El Torbini

45 Days

Game of Love

Kamel El Awsaf

This Is Love

The Virgin and The White Hair

The Stoners

The Rebellious

The Charmer

The Belly Dancer and The Politician

No My Ex Lover

Love In The 70s

Love Beach

Layla The Schoolgirl

Half Hour Of Marriage

Farewell my Love

Noor wa Nar

Zai Elhawa

Yacoubian Building

Where's My Mind



The Open Door

The Fall of Baghdad

The Bullet

The Addict

Strongest of Men

Streets of Fire

State of Love

Something from Misery


Sea Laughter

Place for Love

Naji Elali

My Soul Mate

Malek We Ketaba (Heads or Tails)

Lahm Rekhis

Hot Night

Hocus Pocus

His Excellency… The Minister

Hamam Al Melatilly

Freedom Seekers

Film Hindi

Dreams of Our Lives (Ahlam Omrena)

Dam El Ghazal (Deer's Blood)

Case No 85

Banat West Albalad (Downtown Girls)


Al Motazawegoon (The Married Couples)

Al Huroub (The Escape)

Al Hayat...Montaha El Lazza (Joys of Life)

90 Minutes

I am Free (Ana Hurra)

Days of SADAT

A Glass and a Cigarette

The Empty Pillow

Justified Betrayal

Symphony Of Love

Halim (Abdel Halim Hafez)

The Best of Times

Sana Oula Nasb

Asrar Al Banat (A Girl's Secrets)

Al Karnak


Abu Ali



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